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Book individual seats on our 16-passenger sled, or secure a private experience by purchasing all 16 tickets for a specific time slot for just $369.


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Logging Sleds

Discover Winter Magic: Enchanting Sleigh Rides Await!

Leave the city behind and immerse yourself in a snowy paradise with our magical horse-drawn sleigh rides. Glide through winter landscapes along our historic logging trails, surrounded by the gentle sights of cattle and horses in frosty pastures. Our journey offers the opportunity for guests to marvel at the farm’s resident wildlife animals on display, including our majestic black bears, coyote, bobcat and red fox.  As you journey through the snowy landscape, keep an eye out for free-roaming animals such as deer, turkeys, and if luck permits, the elusive moose.

The adventure doesn’t end with the ride. Warm up and bond over a cozy bonfire in our barnyard, where you can enjoy refreshments and roast S’mores (kits available). It’s an idyllic setting for making memories with loved ones.

Before departing the farm, get up close with our farm animals and consider pre-purchasing Animal Feed to delight them and save. Our sleigh rides are the perfect winter escapade, blending thrilling wildlife sightings with heartwarming moments by the fire.

Book your unforgettable sleigh ride today and step into a storybook winter wonderland. It’s more than a ride; it’s an experience that captures the essence of winter’s magic.

Special Events

Come celebrate with us!

For those interested in adding a unique touch, our logging sleds are available for booking beyond our regular traditional rides. Simply follow any of the links listed below to learn more and secure a ride during one of our special events.

You Should Know

  • The ride will happen REGARDLESS OF SNOW. If trail conditions are not suitable for sled runners we will use an appropriate wheeled vehicle.

  • Our Logging Sleds will carry up to 16 passengers. We do not count children 23 months and under in our numbers.

  • You should plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your selected time. Unfortunately, if you arrive late you will forfeit your ride.

  • Please be sure to review our POLICIES especially regarding WEATHER.

  • Plan on being at the farm for approximately 1.5 hour.

What You Need

  • Dress appropriate for outdoor weather. Hats, scarves, mittens, boots and a warm coat are important. Consider bringing along a blanket. We find sleeping bags work great.

  • You may bring along any refreshments or beverages you wish to enjoy. There are picnic tables circling the campfire.

About the Logging Sleds

In the old days, the runners on these sleighs were used to carry huge logs out of the forest. Now we have constructed a large body on top of the sleigh runners that will carry up to 16 passengers. We recently added bench seating and steps with rails up onto the sleigh to make the boarding and riding process even more comfortable for those “not as flexible” as the young kids! You’re going to love it.

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Warm Up Room

Please consider our Warm Up Room.
Warm-up Room
Learn More

Group Reservations

If you are looking to plan a sleigh ride for a large group be sure to call us.  We have many sleighs, offer catering and have a warm-up room available. We are always willing to customize our rides. For more information please call (603 483-5623) or email John to discuss options.


Question: Do the horse drivers accept gratuities?
Answer: Yes, our teamsters work hard to ensure your expectations are met. Tips are part of the horse drivers income. It is safe to assume a 15% gratitude is very much appreciated.

Question: How do I know what DATES & TIMES are available?
Answer: You should first "Pick a Date" and then under "Pick a Time" drop-down you will be presented with times and availability. If you wish to purchase continue the booking process to the checkout page and complete the transaction.

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