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Pastured Raised with absolutely No Hormones or No Antibiotics. Living in Stress Free and Humane environment.

Minimum purchase of 4 Chicken Shares is required. 
***You are purchasing for 2024***

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Chicken Share

Purchase Options
Whole Chicken – est 5 -7 lbs.   $6.95 lbs.  Down Payment $20

A down payment of $20 is the required for each whole chicken you wish to purchase.  Once the birds are processed we will calculate the total cost of each bird and deduct your down payment(s). 

Our chickens are raised on green grass enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and a stress free happy life. The birds are moved daily to a new spot in the pasture allowing them access to fresh grass, bugs and worms to eat. Up to 30% of their diet comes from the grass the chickens live on. We provided the remaining diet of grain and make certain fresh water is available at all times.

Pasture raised chickens have become popular because of the high quality and unsurpassed flavor of the birds. Not to mention the feeling of knowing these birds had a great quality of life.

When are the Chickens Ready?
We normally planning on raising three batches of chickens each year.  If all goes well we hope to have a group ready for pick up in July, August and September.

When you pick up your birds they will be all clean, wrapped and ready for the freezer.

Our chickens have what your body needs, omega 3 fatty acids.

An independent study funded by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education (SARE) Program found that compared to conventionally raised chickens, pasture raised chickens had 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, and 28% fewer calories. The pasture raised chickens had essentially no fat in the breast meat, but had 50% more vitamin A and had significant levels of omega-3s, where conventional chickens had none.

Most domesticated poultry was raised outdoors until the 1950s when large confinement operations were begun. The vast majority of poultry is now produced in high-density factory farms

The industrial factory farm model can produce chickens that are cheaper, but that are inferior in quality in many ways. The flavor is bland, the meat is often bleached and honestly….those chickens do not always have a good life!

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